[Infographic]: How COVID-19 Impacted Medication Safety in Canadian Pharmacies

Infographic: 5 Causes of Medication Errors that Increased During COVID

Nothing could have prepared Canadian pharmacies for the impact of COVID-19. As hospitals and doctor’s offices shifted to online appointments or went into lockdown, pharmacies remained open and accessible to the public, propelling pharmacists to the frontlines of healthcare.   Throughout the pandemic, pharmacies were inundated with an influx of phone calls and walk-ins from […]

Case Study: How Harrisville Pharmacy is Reducing Medication Errors and Near-Misses

Case Study: How Harrisville Pharmacy is Improving Medication Safety

Discover how Pharmapod has helped Harrisville Pharmacy in Moncton, New Brunswick save time, eliminate time-consuming paperwork and leverage data insights and trends to enhance patient safety. Download the case study to learn more.   See how Pharmapod can help enhance patient safety and improve your pharmacy processes. Request a demo today.

How Pharmacists Can Effectively Expand Their Scope of Practice

Smiling pharmacist giving medication to senior

By Carla Beaton, BSc Phm, VP Quality Improvements & Innovations, Pharmapod The pandemic proved that pharmacists can – and should – play a greater role in the delivery of healthcare in Canada. As hospitals and clinics across the country were overwhelmed with COVID, pharmacists stepped up to help immunize the population, saving lives while helping […]

Quality Improvement Tools for Pharmacy Professionals 

Male pharmacist writing on clipboard

Process improvement is a key area in any industry, whether it is business, law or healthcare. Quality Improvement (QI) is a framework used to improve processes and systems. In healthcare, it translates to a better quality of care, healthier patients and safer medication practices. There are a variety of Quality Improvement tools that can be […]