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Incident Management Module

The Pharmapod Platform delivered to pharmacy clients is an off-the-shelf solution with configuration features for incident form creation. The platform is composed of a collection of modules and services. When deployed in pharmacy environments these modules and services have been proven to deliver:
  • Increase in the recording of errors and near misses
  • Continuous improvement in patient safety and clinical outcomes
  • Reduction in time spent recording errors
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Improved data quality due to automatic form validation
  • Improved data quality with contextual form entry guidance text
  • Easier extraction of value from data through automated analysis
  • Simplifying the process of advanced report generation
Pharmapod Module Document Management
Pharmapod Module Incident Management

Document Management Module

The Pharmapod platform includes an easy to use system for creating and circulating documents related to the Continuous Quality Improvement process.

  • Designed for critical documentation for quality and operations
  • Create, disseminate and ensure compliance with quality documentation
  • Integration with other Pharmapod modules: Change requests and feedback can be fed instantly from colleagues to the document reviewer
  • Automatic version control

By using assessment surveys, pharmacy management can set minimum standards of competency and ensure the sign-off process requires active engagement with the SOP.

Pharmacy Assessment System Module

The efficient way to manage your pharmacy’s assessments. PASS is the best tool for managing your pharmacy assessments and saves pharmacy groups not hours, but hundreds of hours of time. For Irish clients only.

  • Efficient, time-saving
  • Visibility – remotely reviewed documentation
  • Intuitive, mobile-ready, manage performance on the go
  • Ready for inspection & fully customizable
Pharmapod Pharmacy Assessment System Module
Pharmapod Responsible Pharmacist Duty Log Module

Responsible Pharmacist / Duty Log Module

Gain a central visibility of pharmacists working in stores, and ensure all sites, including locus, follow the same procedure. Gain analytics for a high-level overview of your business. Remove the necessity for physical storage and protect your business reputation by dealing with complains promptly. For Irish & UK clients

  • Consolidated group view for SI/Area Managers
  • Consistency as all sites follow the same procedure
  • Real-time-notifications if stores not logged in
  • Analytics dashboard

Quality Payments Scheme Module

Quality Payments 2019 – Did you fully complete your declaration?

Are you able to create the Patient Safety Report with the new conditions for 2019? If you can’t, or if you did but found it took a lot of work, Pharmapod has a solution for you….


The Pharmapod system helps you claim up to £1,280 per pharmacy under the Quality Payments Scheme (QPS) for submitting your Patient Safety Report.


Pharmapod is the leading software for Patient Safety in pharmacy practice. It ensures your pharmacy adheres to best practice and all legal and professional requirements.

Pharmapod Quality Payments Scheme Module