Incident Management

Pharmapod Module

Incident Management Benefits

  • Increase in the recording of errors and near misses
  • Continuous improvement in patient safety and clinical outcomes
  • Reduction in time spent recording errors
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Improved data quality due to automatic form validation
  • Improved data quality with contextual form entry guidance text
  • Easier extraction of value from data through automated analysis
  • Simplifying the process of advanced report generation

Key Features

Quick, one-click access to enable fast access to all aspects of the Pharmapod Platform, including 'Module Menu' and 'Help'

'Record an Incident' feature is conveniently placed in a central location to support quick access to record incidents as they occur

'My Actions' section lists any CAPAs or tasks that have been assigned concerning incidents that have occurred in-pharmacy

Additional Features​

  • Easy, real-time data, with role-based access from any smart enabled device
  • Highly configurable & interoperable – 3rd party software integration through APIs eg. AIMS program eliminating duplicate reporting
  • Dashboards, Insights Pro, Benchmarking, Charts with notifications and escalations
  • Digital Document Management: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), policies & compliance audits all easily stored and updated on Pharmapod
  • Export reports, upload photos/files, audit trail of all entries and collaboration functionality capable of delivering fit for purpose quarterly summaries
  • Generates comprehensive Patient Safety Report to effectively demonstrate compliance with UK NHS Pharmacy Quality Scheme