Pharmacy Assessment System

Pharmapod Module
Pharmapod Pharmacy Assessment System Module

The Pharmacy Assessment System is a self-audit tool for pharmacies. It provides a practical way for the supervising pharmacist, superintendent pharmacist and pharmacy owner(s), in conjunction with their pharmacy team, to critically review their pharmacy’s practice, validate and record good practice and identify areas where improvements are required.

As a Supervising pharmacist, you are responsible for completing each section of the PSI Pharmacy Assessment System once annually.

Pharmapod’s online Pharmacy Assessment System saves you time and money by enabling you to complete each stage of the Assessment for your pharmacy, as required by the PSI.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient, time-saving.
  • Visibility – remotely reviewed documentation.
  • Intuitive, mobile-ready, manage performance on the go.
  • Ready for inspection & fully customizable.

The six sections can all be completed online

Management and Supervision
Sale and Supply of Non-Prescription Medicines
Sale and Supply of Non-Prescription Medicines
Documentation and Record Keeping
Premises, Equipment and Storage
Supply of Medicines to Patients in Residential Care Settings

The six sections are measured by four levels


Mostly Compliant

Partially Compliant

Non Compliant

Phrmapod Pharmacy Assessment Module

Pharmacy Assessment Module

Our unique Pharmacy Assessment Module helps  pharmacists complete each section of the assessment in a timely manner.


Pharmacists can download full versions of the assessment forms in PDF format, complete and easily upload them to our system. Our system also allows pharmacists to create an action plan relating to the assessments and incorporates a Compliance Dashboard.


The Compliance Dashboard provides an easily accessible summary of the six sections of the assessment. This summary provides pharmacists with a brief overview of whether sections have been completed or are incomplete. Also, if particular stages are completed the Compliance Dashboard shows the associated compliance level. The Action Plans tab allows users to upload a specific and unique action plan while also tracking their completion rate with regard to each of the assessment sections. Putting an action plan in place can help the supervising pharmacist demonstrate their control over the management and administration of the pharmacy. For Irish clients only.

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