Nothing could have prepared Canadian pharmacies for the impact of COVID-19. As hospitals and doctor’s offices shifted to online appointments or went into lockdown, pharmacies remained open and accessible to the public, propelling pharmacists to the frontlines of healthcare.


Throughout the pandemic, pharmacies were inundated with an influx of phone calls and walk-ins from patients seeking support, advice, and appointments for vaccinations and other health concerns. And as pressure intensified and labour shortages increased, mistakes were made in certain areas.


A study conducted by Safe Assured on behalf of Pharmapod analyzed data representing more than 60,000 entries of medication errors and near-miss events from 65 percent of Canadian pharmacies pre- and post-COVID-19. They discovered that while some areas of risk remained consistent with pre-COVID reporting, five areas of risk significantly increased and tended to be involved when harm occurred.

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Infographic: 5 Causes of Medication Errors During COVID-19


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