Streamline Your Pharmacy Incident Reporting

Increase your reporting rate and save time with our leading Incident Management platform for community pharmacies.

Improve Your Medication Incident Reporting

Replace outdated pharmacy reporting methods with a modern digital solution. Pharmapod lets you report, review and analyze patient safety incidents quickly and securely while meeting reporting requirements, helping you exceed your objectives.

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Incident Recording

Record, review and analyse patient safety incidents quickly and securely. Effectively demonstrate your continuous quality improvement and compliance.

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Incident Tracking

It is the only system that closes the loop between incidents that have occurred and updating the pharmacy’s quality documentation.
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Detailed Data

Each module provides detailed reporting designed specifically for health professionals, to ensure your businesses achieves its objectives and standards.
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Quality Reports

Quality reports can be produced in real-time at the push of a button with an instant review of all quality parameters, trends and priorities across the organization.
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“The capability to learn from incidents is incredible, much better than it was when we used spreadsheets. We can now easily put practises into place which prevent reoccurrences. We can access Pharmapod on every device including the Alphega tablet, so any member of staff can access the system quickly and easily.”

~Mark Stakim,
Managing Director of Dalston Pharmacy, London

Benefits To Your Pharmacy

Pharmapod Benefits for Pharmacies

Drive operational efficiencies and reduce costs, releasing valuable professional time and supporting a positive return on investment.

Pharmapod Benefits for Pharmacies

Reduction of reputational, business and patient risks.

Pharmapod Benefits for Pharmacies

Generation of high-quality reports quickly and simply to meet all governance, management and inspection needs.

Pharmapod Benefits for Pharmacies

Streamlining of pharmacy team communication and task assignment.

Pharmapod Benefits for Pharmacies

Best-in-class reporting and analytics system which consolidates quality and professional processes into a singular, intuitive cloud-based system.

Pharmapod Benefits for Pharmacies

Introduces comparative analytics and benchmarking – enables pharmacies to measure risk management performance against peers and provides a complete picture based on real-time data.

** Source: Incident Management Pilot Report for the National Pharmacy Association, UK. Dec 2014

Key Features

  • Incident & Service Management
    Enables pharmacists to systematically record medication-relatead incidents and MSOs to derive intelligence and identify risks in practice.
  • Root Cause Analysis
    Identify what contributes to errors within your organisation and implement mitigation processes to continually improve customer experiences.
  • Metrics-Driven
    Measure and manage the follow-up and improvement opportunities generated from Incidents and Services in your organisation.
  • Configurable Workflow
    Improved workflow at local and corporate levels allow structured, standardised incident and service reporting in a real-time/efficient manner.
  • Across All Devices
    Cloud-based and designed to work on legacy hardware and on the latest PCs tablets and mobile devices.
  • Data Protection
    Fully compliant with UK, EU, and Canadian data protection and security requirements. Your data is secured in European or Canadian data centres.
  • Demonstrate Compliance
    Enables compliance for GPhC Standards for Error Reporting and Incident Management.
  • Real Cost Savings
    Independent case studies have shown Pharmapod saves you £3,200 per month in pharmacist hours for every 5 pharmacies owned.

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