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Becoming a PSO member will help your pharmacy improve medication safety in a legally-protected environment.

What is a Patient Safety Organization?

Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs) are entities that work to improve patient safety and the quality of healthcare delivery in the United States.


PSOs receive confidential healthcare information from its members, review it, and provide objective analysis and advice on how to make improvements. They also aggregate healthcare information and provide advice to all members on an anonymized basis.

Why Do PSOs Exist?

Medication errors are an unfortunate occurrence in pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care and other healthcare settings.

  • Every year, 7,000-9,000 people die as a result of medication errors, and hundred of thousands more are harmed.
  • The cost of caring for these patients exceeds $40 billion annually.
  • Medication errors often aren’t reported due to fear of disciplinary actions, retaliation or lawsuits.


Joining a PSO allows your pharmacy to review medication errors and make improvements in a safe, legally-protected environment.


This encourages a ‘just culture’, where errors can be evaluated with the goal of finding a resolution, not assigning blame. Plus, as more improvements are made, less errors occur in the first place.

Benefits of Joining Pharmapod's PSO

Improve patient safety at your pharmacy, acute care or post-acute care setting.

  • Build transparency and trust by providing a safe place for your staff to report medication incidents and near misses.
  • Gain insight into the underlying causes of harm so you can pinpoint problems faster and proactively make improvements.
  • Engage in patient safety and quality initiatives, such as process evaluation, Root Cause Analysis (RCAs), action plans and safe tables.
  • Get feedback from our experts on topics such as interruption and error reduction, just culture, SALADs (Sound Alike Look Alike Drugs), high risk drugs (opioids, anticoagulants, insulin) and decimal point mistakes.
  • Standardize your data collection and reporting so you can identify trends and uncover process gaps.
  • Learn from others by gaining access to data-driven reports, best practices and aggregated information on topics like:
    • Which drugs are most commonly involved in quality-related events
    • What stage in the dispensing process do most quality-related events occur
    • The most common causes for these events
    • Contributory factors that often lead to quality-related events
  • Reduce the cost of resources and mitigate patient risk by relying on our patient safety experts to be an extension of your quality team.
  • Ensure compliance if your state requires pharmacies to implement a CQI program to detect, identify, and prevent prescription errors.
  • Comply with APhA guidelines on establishing a just culture approach to patient safety.

What is the Pharmapod Patient Safety Organization?

  • Certified as a “Listed PSO” by the US Department of Health & Human Services
  • Compliant with the US Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act, 2005 (PSQIA) and the subsequent Final Rule of 2008.
  • The only PSO built by and for pharmacists. Pharmapod is a trusted safety provider, with more than 2,600 users in the US.
  • One of a handful of PSOs designed specifically for pharmacies.

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