Pharmapod Patient Safety Organization

The Pharmapod Patient Safety Organization provides Pharmacies and Pharmacy staff with innovative, expert guidance on improving policies and systems related to medication safety in a safe and legally-protected environment.


Pharmapod’s PSO is the only PSO built by and for pharmacists and is registered with the U.S. federal government Patient Safety Organization (PSO) Program.


Our PSO provides your pharmacy data-driven reports and opportunities to engage in other patient safety and quality initiatives such as process evaluation and improvement, RCAs and safe tables.

About the PSO and Our Mission & Values

Our Patient Safety Organization is provided under the U.S. federally listed Pharmapod Safety Institue. Our vision and mission are to improve patient safety and the quality of healthcare delivery by pharmacies. The PSO aggregates and analyzes data and information (referred to as Patient Safety Work Product or PSWP) and provides valuable feedback that enables members to learn in the most efficient manner possible. The initiatives of the Pharmapod Safety Institute will provide our PSO’s members with knowledge and methods for improvement and a feedback system to allow them to evaluate their own quality of patient care.

Engage with Patient Safety & Clinical Experts

The Pharmapod Safety Institute offers the opportunity to engage with various patient safety and clinical experts. experts will work with member organizations in the collection, management, and analyses of information and provide feedback on the following topics and other related members such as:


  • Reducing interruptions leads to reducing errors
  • Reporting errors as a learning opportunity
  • Just culture
  • SALADs (Sound Alike Look Alike Drugs)
  • High risk drugs – Opioids
  • High risk drugs – Anticoagulants
  • High risk drugs – Insulin
  • Decimal point mistakes

Direct feedback to members in relation to trends from analysis of the anonymized aggregated data include notable findings as to:


  • The Most Common Drugs involved in Quality Related Events
  • The Stages in the Dispensing Process where most Quality Related Events are reported e.g. product selection, data entry, delivery etc
  • Most common causes for events e.g. too busy, interruptions, information deficit etc.
  • Contributory factors that led to quality related events, lack of training, communication issues etc.


This information is also compiled across the PSO to encourage shared learning amongst member organizations. Our experts will assist in the development and dissemination of shared learnings such as recommendations, protocols, or other information regarding best practices to minimize patient risk effectively in a culture of safety.

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