Incident Management for Healthcare Professionals

Built by pharmacy professionals for healthcare professionals, Pharmapod is the leading cloud-based software for driving efficiencies and reducing patient safety incidents in community pharmacies, long-term care, and hospitals. Our platform is the first of its kind to share insights on patient safety within our international network, monitoring trends and causes behind medication errors, while empowering healthcare professionals to improve their practice.

Pharmapod SOP Management Dashboard

Guarantee Your LFPSE Compliance

Pharmapod ensures your pharmacy meets NHS LFPSE requirements for patient safety event reporting.

The Comprehensive Quality Management System

Pharmapod is a smart, intuitive and profession-specific platform that enables pharmacists to systematically record medication-related incidents and risks in practice and carry out effective root-cause analysis. Our platform analyses the collated data and disseminates the learnings back to key stakeholders internationally, preventing the recurrence of patient harm.
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Standardised, rapid recording of medication-related incidents and near misses on a shared, secure online platform. Data fields are customisable for particular countries and organisations, ensuring local requirements are met.
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Analysis and investigation of root causes of incidents by international response teams gives health practitioners the ability to learn from each other and improve systems safety and standards of care.


Information and learnings can be quickly and easily shared across local teams, communities, nationally and internationally, to proactively prevent errors.


Pharmapod’s award winning user experience engages teams at the frontlines of practice, fitting within their workflow and adding value to their day-to-day decision making.