Establishing a ‘Just Culture’ In Your Pharmacy

Two female pharmacists at work. One using a computer, the other using a tablet.

Medication incidents and near-miss events occur in pharmacies across the US every day – and though they may never be completely avoidable, there are steps pharmacies can take to limit risk. For most pharmacies, this starts with consistent reporting of incidents and near-miss events. Without reporting, it’s impossible to identify the process gaps that are […]

Think Research’s Pharmapod is Medication Incident Management Solution of Choice for Ontario Long-Term Care Chain

Think Research and Pharmapod logos

TORONTO, June 1, 2023 – Think Research Corporation (TSXV: THNK) (“TRC” or the “Company“), a company focused on transforming healthcare through digital health software solutions, is pleased to announce that Think’s medication incident management solution Pharmapod has been implemented in OMNI Care Homes (OMNI) to improve medication management and support high-quality resident care. Pharmapod has […]

Herpes Zoster Complications and Prevention Strategies

Shingles rash

Herpes zoster (HZ) — more commonly known as shingles — is a vaccine-preventable disease that can result in long-term and serious complications. Patients suffering from HZ might seek advice from pharmacists on treatment and pain relief. What is herpes zoster? Who is at risk? Herpes zoster is a condition that causes painful rashes to appear […]

Migraine vs Headache: Know the Difference

Woman rubbing temples talking to pharmacist

A migraine is a common disorder and one of the leading causes of disability globally. For many, migraine pain can impact daily living, work, and relationships. Patients who suffer from migraines often seek advice from pharmacists on how to best treat and alleviate symptoms, control frequency of attacks, and improve their quality of life.  Migraine […]

RSV or Flu: Determining Proper Treatment

Pharmacist discussing medication with patient

Every year during cold and flu season, patients flock to pharmacies looking for advice to treat their symptoms. While many are experiencing common colds, others are afflicted by something more serious. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and influenza are both highly contagious respiratory infections common throughout the fall and winter months. Though symptoms are similar, RSV […]

The Big Picture: How Reporting Good Catches Supports System Changes That Will Save You Time and Money

Female pharmacist holding pill bottle looking closely at computer screen

Pharmacists everywhere understand the importance of reporting medication incidents – especially when patient harm occurs – but many remain less convinced about the importance of reporting near-miss events, or ‘good catches.’ Good catches occur regularly in pharmacies when medication errors or potential safety issues are caught before they reach the patient. Most believe that because […]

Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs a Patient Safety Organization

Two concerned looking pharmacists looking at tablet

Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs) are a vital tool for healthcare organizations that enable you to improve medication safety and focus on quality improvement work in a safe, legally-protected environment. Medication errors are an unfortunate occurrence in pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care and other healthcare settings across the United States, and the impact they have is devastating. […]