We’re proud to share that Pharmapod is LFPSE-compliant. Now your pharmacy can be confident you’re meeting all NHS LFPSE compliance requirements simply by reporting into the Pharmapod incident reporting platform.

Background: What is LFPSE?

The National Health Service (NHS) England is mandating all pharmacies and healthcare organizations use its Learn From Patient Safety Events (LFPSE) service for incident reporting by September 30. LFPSE replaces the previous National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) and the Strategic Executive Information System (StEIS), consolidating both into one centralised system where healthcare professionals can report patient safety events and access data and analytics to support local safety improvement work. 

Benefits of Pharmapod + LFPSE

With Pharmapod now LFPSE-compliant, your pharmacy will save time and reduce workloads by reporting incidents and good care events just once through the connected Pharmapod platform – no need to duplicate work and report twice. Reporting into Pharmapod also provides your pharmacy many additional benefits that enhance patient safety and improve processes, including generating real-time, high-quality reports to meet your governance, management, and inspection needs. With Pharmapod, you get:

  • Comprehensive data analytics solution with 56 individual reports
  • Advanced report generation with automated notifications
  • Benchmark multiple facilities
  • Improve operational efficiencies, data quality & patient safety
  • Reduce time spent recording errors
  • Consolidate quality and professional processes into a cloud-based system
  • Monthly and annual PQS Safety Report

Getting Started

If you’re a UK organisation using the Pharmapod platform, we will need to move you to the LFPSE-compliant form. Connect with your customer success representative for more information. 

If you’re not using Pharmapod to report and learn from medication incidents or good catches, getting started is easy! Contact us today for a demo. Let’s improve patient safety together!