Pharmapod helps you report, analyze and document medication incidents to ensure MedSTEP compliance

In an effort to improve medication and patient safety, the Newfoundland & Labrador Pharmacy Board (NLPB) is implementing Medication Safety through Error Prevention, or MedSTEP NL. Key components of MedSTEP include medication error reporting, root cause analysis, implementation of corrective actions, and ongoing quality improvement initiatives.

With the deadline for compliance quickly approaching – pharmacies must comply by March 2024 – your pharmacy will require a solution that makes it easy to report, analyze, and document both medication errors and near-miss events and learn from data to prevent future incidents.  Pharmapod is the solution. 

How Pharmapod Can Help Ensure MedSTEP Compliance

Pharmapod is a comprehensive digital pharmacy platform designed to streamline medication safety processes, facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements, and enhance patient care outcomes. As the CQI tool of choice in over 70% of pharmacies across Canada, we understand the complexities of complying with various pharmacy board requirements, and have tailored our solution to ensure all needs are met. 

Here’s how Pharmapod can assist pharmacies in Newfoundland & Labrador with MedSTEP compliance:

Simplified Medication Error Reporting

Pharmapod simplifies and standardizes medication error and good catch reporting, allowing pharmacies to quickly and accurately document incidents per MedSTEP requirements. A comprehensive dashboard provides a detailed view of your data, enabling you to easily drill down into the root cause of errors, near misses, and adverse events, so you can make process improvements and prevent future incidents. 

Built-In Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Tools

Powerful CQI tools built into the platform ensure all relevant information is captured, stored, and easily accessible in one location. All recorded medication incident data is automatically populated into the platform’s CQI tools, preventing duplication of work, while providing actionable insights to optimize patient care. In just a few clicks, pharmacies can identify systemic issues and implement targeted corrective actions to prevent the recurrence of errors.

Reporting and Analytics

Reduce administrative burden and make preparing for quality meetings and staff meetings a breeze! Pharmapod provides an instant Safety Report summary for your meeting agenda, and can also generate a range of comprehensive reports in just one click, including event trend analysis, and root cause analysis. 

Data is automatically populated into charts and graphs with customizable filters to enable comparisons by region/facility/time frame, so you can monitor trends, and measure and track key performance indicators. 

Implementation of Corrective Actions 

Pharmapod helps pharmacies track and manage corrective and/or preventative actions with Action Plan templates and reminders. Proactive Self Assessments and Quality Improvement plans can also be completed directly within the platform.  Pharmapod streamlines communication between pharmacy staff, facilitates task assignment, and monitors progress towards resolution, ensuring timely implementation of improvement measures.

Training and Education

Pharmapod offers live support, a robust resources library, and monthly training to ensure pharmacy staff understand and are able to utilize the platform effectively. From onboarding sessions to ongoing support, we work with you to ensure your pharmacy achieves and maintains MedSTEP compliance to meet regulations and enhance patient safety.

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Simplify MedSTEP compliance in your pharmacy. By standardizing incident reporting, facilitating root cause analysis, and supporting ongoing quality improvement initiatives, Pharmapod empowers your pharmacy to enhance medication safety practices and improve patient care. 

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