Incident Management and CQI for Care Homes

Pharmapod’s platform improves resident care by better managing medication safety incidents while driving continuous quality improvement and workflow efficiencies

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What Sets Pharmapod Apart

  • Standardized Online Incident Reporting
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Track Trends and Unlock Insights
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Leading CQI Platform

Pharmapod’s medication incident reporting platform allows care homes to interact and collaborate on incident analysis before finalizing the incident report. This ensures accurate results including root cause, incident types, stages, and contributing factors.


Pharmapod offers real-time analytics driven directly from care home medication incidents, identifying the root causes of safety events. Get insight into trends that support risk management action plan, policies, and procedures to prevent incident reoccurrences. Streamline your entire incident tracking workflow with customizable dashboards and reporting.


Aggregated, anonymized incident data can be shared with key stakeholders and benchmarked across local and corporate levels, ensuring best practice in quality and compliance.

Pharmapod SOP Management Dashboard

Key Features

  • Incident & Service Management
    Enables teams to systematically record medication-related incidents and supervisors to derive intelligence and identify risks in practice.
  • Root Cause Analysis
    Identify what contributes to errors and implement mitigation processes to continually improve.
  • Metrics-Driven
    Measure and manage the follow-up and improvement opportunities generated from Incidents and Services in your organisation.
  • Configurable Workflow
    Improved workflow at local and corporate levels allow structured, standardised incident and service reporting in a real-time/efficient manner, saving real costs.
  • Cloud-based Platform Browser-based and designed to work on legacy hardware and on the latest PC’s tablets and mobile devices.
  • Data Protection
    Fully compliant with UK, EU, and Canadian data protection and security requirements. Your data is secured in European or Canadian data centres.
  • Demonstrate Compliance
    Ensures best practice in quality and compliance for Error Reporting and Incident Management.

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