“Using Pharmapod is a win, win… you would be silly not to sign up”

K&K Healthcare Ltd has been established for over twelve years, with two retail pharmacies and one internet pharmacy, they have around 20 employees and have been a Numark member for 12 years.

The retail pharmacy branches offer NHS and private services such as blood pressure testing, cholesterol testing, Medicine Use Review, New Medicine Service and a smoking cessation service, as well as being Healthy Living Pharmacy accredited.

They’re always looking for new ways to improve efficiency and patient safety.

Medication Incident Reporting System

A new service they have been trialling is a medication incident reporting system to all members supporting pharmacists to record medication-related incidents and to identify any contributory factors through completion of root cause analysis.

Ronak Manek

Ronak Manek, the Operations Manager for K&K Healthcare Ltd, explained how Pharmapod has changed the way that the pharmacy responds to dispensing errors and near misses.

“We had been looking for an electronic solution for this particular part of pharmacy governance. We used to log errors and near misses manually and then translate onto our PMR system, but what we found was that it became a bit of a tick box exercise rather than a learning exercise. We came across Pharmapod through Numark, had a demo and took to the near misses and error module straight away. We have just finished implementing it throughout the business.”

He further explained that every staff member has a login and that the pharmacist’s find that it is a really useful tool for them to be able to log the near miss and assign it to the relevant staff member.

Learning From Experiences

Each staff member in the business has also recognized how useful the system is as they realise that it is not just a tick-box exercise anymore and that they are learning from their near misses and having more of an input regarding changing the dispensary.

Ronak also said that since using Pharmapod, a big change has occurred in the staff’s portrayal of errors and the risk assessment that they have to complete on the system has changed their thought process to dispensing.

“They are recognizing why near misses have happened, understanding the impact on the patient and recognizing how to avoid it happening again.”

The process involves pharmacists logging every near miss and assigning it to the relevant member of staff. That member of staff then picks up the case and goes through all the details to understand what has occurred.

They then add in other information, such as

  • what contributed to the near miss occurring,
  • what they can do to avoid it happening again,
  • risk assessment scoring, and
  • action plans, which make the dispensers get involved in the process rather than just observing.

Pharmacy Superintendent Benefits

The superintendent of K&K Healthcare is also able to have a more hands-on approach to incident reporting as he can see what kind of errors are occurring, what the staff has done about the near misses and what their learning points are.

Ronak cited how easy the system is to use:

“The system is very straightforward. We originally signed up for the lite (free) version and within five minutes of having the demo, I asked if we could sign up to the full version. It took around five minutes to run through Pharmapod with each staff member and now we have made it a routine where we ask staff to log in first thing every morning or first thing after lunch and spend ten minutes to see if there is anything for them to complete.

It is as easy to use as shopping online, if you can complete an online transaction, then you will be able to complete a Pharmapod case very quickly.

The general feedback from the staff was that it seems like a lot of work to begin with, but after the initial five to ten minutes of being trained and having each section explained to them, after their first solo session, they agreed that it was straightforward to use and intuitive.

Feedback from the pharmacists was that they thought it was great and our superintendent asked why we didn’t do this sooner, as it’s a no-brainer.”

Ronak explained that it took him a matter of minutes to train his superintendent up on how to enter a near miss into the system and that he was impressed that everything is in one place. He added that everybody has access to the system, progress can be tracked and that they can keep on top of making sure that all staff are learning from it.

Share, Learn, Improve

He also said that the information they have now gives them a snapshot in time, and the more information they have in the system will benefit them in the future.

The comparison function is a great tool as they can compare what is being reported with other Pharmapod users.

I would 100% recommend Pharmapod to other pharmacies.

As Numark have the offering for the free version, other members would be silly not to sign up and use it. There is no administration involved therefore you save time, there is no investment and it’s a win, win.

You are able to look at information and analytics at any given point; you have everything in one place and the staff will get more out of it than just having a tick box exercise.”

Ronak added that Pharmapod will become a massive part of their process and governance. So when they do have inspections within the pharmacy, they will be in a position to show data and information in a much easier way by having all the information readily available in a portal at the touch of a button, rather than it being an admin burden like previously.

He also described that having direct access to Pharmapod supports the professional aspect of his business:

“There are a number of new aspects to pharmacy that we are working towards and as the Quality Payments Scheme now have an added part to patients safety, Pharmapod will allow us to hit that quality payment mark very quickly, if not supersede it, and work to providing what the NHS and GPhC want, which is a safe environment and an audit trail.”

This article is published with permission from Numark. The Pharmapod partnership with Numark creates a place whereby Numark members can record incidents and near misses in a timely manner.

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