Cloud systems are revolutionising the way healthcare providers interact with patients and peers.

Cloud-based systems offer increased storage capacity with maximum security as well as easy collaboration, leading to more advanced healthcare decisions.

Cloud-based storage offers healthcare providers the ability to store a significant amount of data.

Organisations are no longer restricted by the capacity and limitations of their devices. Providers are able to quickly and easily access and share case information so that collaboration can lead to the best, most informed outcome. In comparison to earlier in-house storage systems data is now accessible from any device meaning the patient care process is streamlined throughout the organisation. Healthcare systems are smarter resulting from the collaboration with specialists around the world and increased access to previous case information.

Information has become more secure and the security process has become less expensive.

Security features in cloud storage are handled by the service provider, leading to decreased time spent on these efforts by the health care organisation themselves which saves valuable time and money. Additionally, security is implemented at an application level as opposed to a device level. This is important to note as it prevents providers from having access to patient information for non-professional reasons. These high-level security features are especially important as more information is added to data networks.

The ability to share industry data is another key appeal of cloud storage.

Allowing access to specialists around the world allows for better advances in the healthcare field. Big data pools provide the ability to access cases similar to those currently being worked on. The sheer amount of this data expedites change in the healthcare industry and keeps research up to date. Pharmapod is the first international platform of its kind to pool and share patient safety data across borders, monitoring trends and causes behind medication errors and empowering healthcare professionals locally to improve their practice.

Pharmapod provides a secure network for the healthcare sector to record and analyse their errors and allows for extra insight on how they compare to other providers in their field. The ability to access the system from any laptop, tablet, or mobile phone allows for easy collaboration and flexibility between pharmacists and branches. By transferring all quality and compliance processes from traditional methods to Pharmapod’s cloud-based system, operational efficiencies are realised and costs are reduced.

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