Do you run or own a pharmacy in England? Continue reading to see how the new Quality Payment Scheme will benefit your pharmacy.

The Quality Payment Scheme was recently announced as part of the NHS’ new contractual framework. It offers eligible pharmacies up to £12,800 per annum on fulfilling certain quality criteria.

To be eligible for the quality payment scheme, pharmacies must meet the following 4 “gateway criteria”:

  • Provide at least one advanced clinical service. Such as AURs, MURs, NUMSAS, NMS and Stoma appliance customisation.
  • Be enabled for EPS
  • Maintain up-to-date details on NHS choices
  • Have access to NHS mail

We advise pharmacies who do not yet have access to NHSMail to apply as soon as possible. Evidence of application before the 1st February 2017 is sufficient if a pharmacy does not yet have an NHSMail account.

There are 100 points available in a given year, valued at up to £128 per point. These points are available over 8 quality criteria, with each criteria having a slightly different weighting. These reviews will take place at the end of April and November.  Certain criteria are claimable at both reviews, and certain criteria being claimable only at one review. To achieve 100 points, by the 28th April 2017 pharmacies will only need to have fulfilled four of the quality criteria.

Three of these criteria only need to be met once in the year. These are marked “April or November”. Valued at 45 points, it is not necessary to obtain these in the April review should one wish to obtain a full 100 points. The other 5 criteria must be met in April if your pharmacy aims to achieve 100 points.

Pharmapod recommends pharmacies put in place a plan as soon as possible to attain the four necessary gateway criteria across your pharmacies. Action plans regarding the quality criteria should be discussed and communicated in such a manner as to fulfil as many criteria as possible in the shortest space of time.

Pharmapod will be releasing further guidance on how pharmacies can maximise their reimbursement through the Quality Payment Scheme.