As a first in Canada, Remedy’sRx Specialty Pharmacy is extending the Pharmapod Global Learning Health System to the Long Term Care, Retirement, Supportive Living and Group Home sector, responding to the need for increased quality and safety of the medication management system.

Pharmapod will provide a medication incident reporting platform that records medication incidents and near misses, while helping to identify root causes and analytics in an easily accessible portal for Remedy’sRx Specialty Pharmacy clients and pharmacies.

Remedy’sRx Specialty Pharmacy chose Pharmapod as it is user-friendly, flexible, highly scalable and facilitates compliance with regulations and standards of practice. Pharmapod will empower Remedy’sRx Specialty Pharmacy clients and pharmacy teams with analytics at a local and enterprise level, enabling them to develop a shared understanding of why medication incidents occur and to prevent reoccurrence.

Pharmapod’s cloud-based data infrastructure is highly flexible and designed for a high level of data interoperability at provincial, national and global levels. This proven Health Learning System will have a significant benefit for patient safety and standards of care for medication management in all types of care home environments.

Over time, this collaboration will also provide additional quality clinical and learning tools in a consolidated client portal which will only be available to clients of Remedy’sRx Specialty Pharmacy.

“Bringing Pharmapod’s innovative world-class technology to Remedy’sRx Specialty Pharmacy will improve patient safety and make the process of managing medication incidents more efficient for our care home partners,” said Jeff May, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Remedy Holdings Inc.  “This will enhance the quality and safety of medication use and administration as part of part of our PharmRx Medication Management System and SafeRx Compliance and Legislation programs.”

Pharmapod’s Founder & CEO Leonora O’Brien said of the partnership

“We are delighted to be partnering with Jeff and the team at Remedy’sRxSpecialty Pharmacy.  Our partnership will enable pharmacy teams and their home partners to collaboratively plan, do, share and action workflow improvements that positively affect patient medication safety.”

She also added that “Between 5% and 8% of all hospital admissions stem from medication errors, this adds to the number of people in emergency room hallways and increases hospital stays.  The absence of robust profession-specific reporting and management systems means there is a lack of understanding of the exact nature and contributory factors leading to these errors and, therefore an inability to effectively improve the situations for patients or the healthcare system. We have to act as these errors are avoidable and Pharmapod provides a robust solution.”


About Pharmapod Ltd.

The Pharmapod platform is a pioneering cloud-based solution designed to drive standards of patient safety across the pharmacy profession worldwide. Pharmapod empowers healthcare professionals to identify risks in their practice, share their learnings and prevent recurrence of patient harm. Pharmapod’s professionally led team offers in-depth domain knowledge and expertise of the industry. The platform has succeeded in creating a hugely positive network of pharmacy teams united in shared goals – real peer-to-peer sharing of experience and delivering excellence in patient care. For more information, visit

About Remedy Holdings Inc.

Remedy Holdings Inc. is a privately held Canadian company operating Remedy’sRx Specialty Pharmacy.  As the only independently owned multi-province provider of Specialty Pharmacy services, it operates a network of pharmacies providing high-quality medication management services to over 19,000 residents in Long Term Care, Retirement, Supportive Living and Group Homes in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.  For more information, visit