Pharmapod recently won a national tender to develop a Core Competency Self-Assessment Tool (“CCSAT”) that will be used by all pharmacists in Ireland to self-assess their core competencies and identify their professional development needs.

The tender is with Royal College of Surgeons and The new Irish Institute of Pharmacy (IIOP) which was founded to promote excellence in the areas of patient care, professional standards, education and research in pharmacy practice.

The CCSAT will be a browser-based tool accessible to all pharmacists whether they are based in hospital, community, industry, academia or regulatory roles. For more information on the IIOP and continuing professional development visit their website, or watch this quick video.

The second national tender was for the development of a National Training Programme for Superintendent Pharmacists which is adds value to all superintendents, addressing the core learnings needed to carry out their role effectively, while also covering challenges specific to roles such as superintendents of independent pharmacies through to hospital superintendents and those operating within senior management teams of larger corporate structures where leadership, communications and influencing skills are vital.

This tender is also with RCSI and IIOP.