Faces of Patient Safety

Patient safety is a topic of discussion which should always be at the forefront of pharmacists’ minds.

Pharmapod is launching it’s  “faces of patient safety” with the ambition of offering leaders in patient safety an opportunity to voice their opinions on best practice in healthcare. By collaborating with others and discussing these practices, Pharmapod strives to build a community which allows healthcare to be a safer place. At Pharmapod we believe that a shared-learning and no-blame culture leads to an increase in the quality of learnings produced which ultimately filters back into the most important people involved patients.

The “Faces of Patient Safety” initiative offers leading figures involved with patient safety a unique platform aiding the ultimate goal which is to make healthcare a safer place. Pharmapod’s system helps pharmacists to improve patient safety, offering a dynamic incident reporting tool which is quick and easy to use. It gives the pharmacist community somewhere to share concerns and experiences, building a network of peer to peer learning, which focuses on improving patient safety.

Pharmacists are the faces of patient safety. They have a duty of care to their patients and provide the best care to them aiding in the improvement and maintenance of their health. They are the people who represent their patients every day aiding them with various queries and putting their needs first.  From the stages of dispensing to product selection, pharmacists do everything with the best interests of their patients at heart.

Key individuals in the industry have come out supporting this campaign stating the importance of patient safety and the benefits of a collaborative learning approach.

Quotes from Industry leaders

Leyla Hannbeck (Chief Pharmacist and Director of Pharmacy at the National Pharmacy Association) has said that

Learning Culture, Sharing Culture, Need to promote a no-blame culture “.

Raj Patel (President of Pharmaceutical Group of the EU (PGEU), Board Member of Pharmapod) stated

Patient Safety is integral to everything we do, Supports quality improvement programme “.

Perry Eisenschmid (CEO of Canadian Pharmacists Association) confirmed that

For all of us, patient health and safety is at the core of what we do 

You can take part in the faces of patient safety campaign by voicing your opinions on patient safety and it’s relevance in today’s pharmacy environment. Giving patients a pharmacists perspective on the attainment of their safety will help to break barriers between pharmacist and patient. The faces of patient safety initiative will help to bring Pharmapod’s system to the attention of more pharmacists throughout the world. Pharmacists all over the world all want to improve patient safety and in alignment with Pharmapod this can be achieved.