The Pharmapod system helps you claim up to £1,280 per pharmacy under the Quality Payments Scheme (QPS) for submitting your Patient Safety Report.

Pharmapod is the leading software for Patient Safety in pharmacy practice. It ensures your pharmacy adheres to best practice and all legal and professional requirements.

The platform has succeeded in creating a hugely positive network of pharmacy teams united in shared goals – driving efficiencies in their pharmacy business, the safety of patients and real peer-to-peer sharing of experience.

At the click of a button the Pharmapod system generates a comprehensive Patient Safety Report which is used to effectively demonstrate your full compliance to the quality criteria and secures your payment under the QPS. A well-formatted report is instantaneously produced in an editable format ready for review by the pharmacy team.

Remove the manual processes involved in the creation of patient safety reports and sign up for the Pharmapod Incident Management Module. The Pharmapod system provides an in-depth analysis of the all learnings made from the system and at a touch of a button a detailed report will be produced.

To find out more about the Quality Payments Scheme and the Pharmapod Patient Safety Report. Follow this link.