We are proud to announce that Pharmapod has been approved as a signatory of the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce.

The Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce is a global initiative of the International Business Standards Organisation (IBSO), designed to empower businesses and organisations to promote peaceful and sustainable global development. The IBSO is a non-profit, independent institution with the overall aim of providing support for international trade and business development.

By joining the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce, Pharmapod is making a statement of support for a fair and ethical worldwide business community. We have joined over 300 other companies in signing this initiative and we acknowledge and support the vision, purpose and objectives of the Worldwide Charter.

At Pharmapod we aim to empower all of our customers so they can act within the highest of ethical standards and we encourage pharmacies to strive for excellence in practice.

As an organisation Pharmapod not only ensure all practices we engage in meet high ethical standards but strive to ensure pharmacies also achieve this. Ethical responsibility plays a major role in all areas of business, particularly within healthcare. Pharmacists must ensure the health of the patient is their primary focus at all times.

The practice of pharmacy is guided by regulation, a code of conduct, and a number of guidelines set out by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland. Although regulations are a core element of the pharmacy practice, they only focus on minimum standards. Ethical Standards hold an important place in pharmacy practice. Pharmacists must adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct, by giving top priority to serving the best interests of patients and society.

Pharmapod facilitates this by minimising patient harm and setting new global standards for safer and better healthcare. We want to encourage our customers to follow our lead and join this initiative in order to encourage these ethical practices across all pharmacies.