The Pharmapod System GRLS has been upgraded from Version 1.0 (V1), to Version 2.0 (V2).  

GRLS Version 2.0 Launch

Some of the important changes include:

1. Login with email address instead of PSI number:

This is to allow non PSI registered members of staff, such as Pharmacy Technicians and support staff, to participate fully in incident reporting and learning.

2. Simple, one-page form to record an incident, near miss, abuse or misuse of medications:

Logging an incident in V2 is a one-step process. This new layout makes it much quicker, and easier, to log an incident, reducing the time spent on the incident entry, bringing maximum efficiencies to your organisation.

3. Easy to use, simple system administration features:

In  V2 the superintendent can assign administrator rights to one, or move individuals. This allows superintendents to delegate requests for access to the Pharmapod System to appropriate members of staff: for example a Human Resource Manager or a patient safety ambassador within their pharmacy.

4. Task List Feature

When an incident occurs, users can now assign tasks or action to themselves and other members of their team, and monitor implementation of these tasks.

This ensures effective communication between staff members and timely closure of the incident. It also maintains a useful record of positive interventions.

5. Launch SOPs System

Pharmapod are launching its SOP system at the end of October, which is designed to help fulfill the legal requirement of implementing SOPs and Practice Policies within the Pharmacy.

Further information about the launch of our SOP System will be provided in the coming weeks.

5. Improved Design:
V2 will be responsive across all devices (PCs, tablets, mobiles).

Our software engineers have also made V2 as easy and enjoyable to use as possible, with excellent User Experience, intuitive design layout and high impact visuals for actionable alerts and easy analysis of incident reports.

Customer Support During Upgrade:

If you, or any of the staff members in your pharmacy have any questions in the coming days about V2 please do not hesitate to contact me